Full Service Project Design & Development

The JDI Design & Development Service helps our Clients first establish a realistic budget for their project. With support of our full service design partners such as Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers/Decorators, and our other JDI works with our Clients to produce a detailed Scope of Work within the parameter of the established budget. In this process JDI shows our Clients costs of products and serves to empower them to make the purchases most important to them.

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Latest Projects

This gallery features our latest remodeling projects currently in production. Visit this section periodically for progress updates and feel free to post your comments and questions.

JDI Consulting & Design

Our Process helps our Clients understand the value of an accurate design package

before investing and producing a remodel on their home.

Initial Consultation

JDI offers a free initial consultation to explore your vision for your remodel, conceptualize design ideas, and discuss budget.

This meeting takes place on site at the proposed project. JDI owner Justin Wildman personally meets with new Clients to discuss the proposed remodel and assess the feasibility of the Client's vision.

This consultation will also serve to explain how the JDI Custom Remodeling design and production process works to new clients.

Consulting & Design Agreement

After the initial consultation the Client authorizes the JDI Project Design and Development Agreement. This begins the process of establishing a budget and then designing the remodel within the parameters of the established budget.

This process includes creating a detailed SOW “Scope of Work” that may include design drawings, plans, engineering, interior design, product lists, etc. to culminate into all the materials needed to produce the Remodeling Agreement.


Working with our Client, JDI produces a functional floor plan for the Client to authorize. We then lead our Client through the process of selecting products and building a detailed SOW containing specific labor tasks, materials, and finishes.

Trades Party

After the SOW has been constructed JDI schedules an on site “Trades Party” where our valued Trade partners such as Plumber, Electrician, HVAC, Flooring, Tile Setter, etc are scheduled to walk through the proposed project SOW and approve the feasibility of the SOW. Then JDI receives from our Trades any adjustment to the SOW and final costs. JDI then incorporates Trade proposals into our JDI SOW to be used in the final Remodeling Agreement.

Client Authorizes Remodeling Agreement

Upon completion of the SOW and final pricing, JDI produces a complete Remodeling Agreement package for the Client to authorize. This package includes the final SOW, payment schedule, and a construction schedule that details our production calendar with a start date and estimated completion date.